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Gibson Commits Suicide Over "Guilt"

Florida - Actor/director Mel Gibson was found dead early last evening. A note left near the scene explains the death as a possible suicide.

      "Wife Piper Laurie found Mr. Gibson around 8pm last night" said a police spokesperson. "She called 911 immediately and we arrived on the scene within 10 minutes" he continued. Asked about the cause of death, he said that the note left near the body, which has been made available to the press, suggests a suicide.

A short excerpt from the letter:

I can't handle the guilt anymore. I nailed that nail in. I killed him. I just wanted to make a movie. But no, I nailed that nail in to show that we all did it. That means I did it. It wasn't the Jews, it was me. I killed him. I KILLED HIM. I can't handle this guilt. God, take my life from me.

      "It is not known if suicide is the real cause of death right now, because the wording of the letter is vague. However, there are no suspects in a possible murder case, and the stab wounding patterns suggest they were self-inflicted" the spokesperson told us.

      Mel Gibson had recently come under fire as an anti-Semite for his much-anticipated and debated film, The Passion of The Christ. In the film the last hours of the life of (the Christian religious figure) Jesus Christ are depicted through violent scenes.  Some have suggested that the movie blames the Hebrew people of the time (and subsequently, all practicers of Judaism since) for the violent murder of Jesus Christ. Gibson maintained that he wasn't "blaming those stupid dirty kikes," and said that he had "hammered in one of the nails" himself during the crucifixion scene, "just to show that we all killed Jesus."

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