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Latino Family To Sue Mel Gibson And 20th Century Fox Entertainment

Phoenix, AZ - The family of a deceased Mexican American, Jesus-Juan Cristos, has just filed suit against 20th Century Fox Entertainment for their film "The Passion of The Christ."

      Mrs. Juanita Cristos, Jesus-Juan's mother, says that she was "fed up" with the use of her son's name on television and in movies. Her son, Jesus-Juan Cristos, was murdered in 1998 by three members of the Ku Klux Klan, all of whom are currently serving twenty year sentences.

      "I think they try to make a mockery of my son. They try to use his name and exploit his death for bad movie. What a mean thing to do. Jesus-Juan was a good boy, he never hurt anybody, he quiet boy, wouldn't want his story told," said Mrs. Cristos.

      A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox said to us, "It's obvious that we meant no offense to Mrs. Cristos, her family and especially not her late son, Jesus-Juan." "Our film is about Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind who died almost two-thousand years ago, for being different. Mrs. Cristos and her family is going to have understand the difference in names and stories, and that's why we're paying for her to see a counselor," continued the spokesperson.

      Mr. Miguel Cristos, Jesus-Juan's father, said "I don't see the difference. Jesus-Juan was killed for being different, just like the man in the story. He was brutally beaten and whipped, too."

      Director Mel Gibson claims "no relation between parties," and has vowed to get "the best lawyer money can buy" to fight what he calls "preposterous, aggregarious accusations."

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