GAY - HOMO GAY! (windycitylover) wrote in somethingweekly,

Take Away This Cruel World by: A Kleenex Tissue Box

Take Away This Cruel World by: A Kleenex Tissue Box

Every single night, I see it. Out my window, horrors or horrors. I see murder, I see death. In the living room, I see sex. Disgusting man-woman sex. Then they touch me. I see horrible things. Take it all away. I wish I could move, but I can't. I'm a tissue box. I cannot move. I cannot walk. I can only move when sentient, moving objects move me, or by some force of nature. I am forced to sit on this end table. I look out the window. Last night I saw murder. Twelve year-old girl. Murdered. Shot twice in the head. Every night I see sex. My owner is a woman. She and her boyfriend have sex. It is digusting. The man's fat gut slamming up against her ass while he reams her pussy from behind. Then they wipe themselves clean with tissues from me. Disgusting. Just end my cruel life. When will my time come? When?

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