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Chat Room Administrator Found to Be 31 Years-Old

InterNet, Global - In a shocking event, an InterNet chat room moderator known as Kenneth Herman has been found to have lied about his age.

      Kenneth Herman (chat name: handoftheshadowfolk), a chat room moderator for, has been lying about his age for the last few months, according to our sources. Late last night, information came about informing the chat room populace that the man, claiming to be 30, was actually 31 years old. Upon this information surfacing, ripples of shock and disbelief echoed through the chat room.

      James Thompson, a father to one of the chatters that chats at the site, was logged onto his daughter's account at the time, spying on her. "I was appalled when I found out about this. What a sick and depraved person, a thirty-one year-old man in a chat room that is mostly for teenagers. Thirty wasn't so bad, but thirty-one? Disgusting. Somebody should do something about this."

      Chatter Adrian Lyons said, "It figures, he always struck me as the weird pedophile type." Fellow chatters echoed similar comments about the moderator.

      Eric, and his internet girlfriend, Danielle, collectively said that they were disgusted by this new-found information. "I can't believe it," said Eric, while his girlfriend was busy photographing flowers with black and white film.

      One fellow chatter, Kyle Smythe said that he was "barely surprised by this," as other things the moderator did were "kind of weird." Mr. Smythe (whose opinion was backed up by someone's boyfriend) continued, "The stalking thing was strange enough. He was always sitting in chat, invisible to the naked eye. Kind of stalkerish. Now that I find out he's thirty-one, I wonder why he was doing it. I wonder what else this sick-[expletive deleted] is hiding."

      When we approached site owner and operator Jill about this, she simply said, "Well, I'm in my mid-forties, but you won't see me hanging out in a chat room. I've known Kenneth for a long time, and this is disgusting. I can't believe he lied to me. To think, I was duped into believing he really was thirty! This changes everything. I will look into legal action against this lying individual."

      All comments to Mr. Herman's lawyer have not been returned.

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