GAY - HOMO GAY! (windycitylover) wrote in somethingweekly,

Reviews of Movies I Haven't Seen

Paycheck - Just another pay check, as far as Ben was concerned.

Troy - Three hour-long ad for Trojan condoms.

Passion of the Christ - Three-hour long ploy to get people to buy more and more popcorn, as they continue to throw it up.

New York Minute - Ninety-minute long movie that could be summed up in less than one minute. Also a really long advertisement for Mary-Kate and Ashley's product lines.

The Matrix: Revolutions - Lives up the "revolution" part of the title, as Keanu Reeves actually seems like a real actor for about thirty seconds.

White Chicks - Looks as stupid as the blondes the Wayans portray (or the Hilton sisters that they're modeled after).

Metallica: Some Kind of Shitty Documentary - The first word says enough.

Sleep Over - Well, they got the sleep part right.

Around the World in 80 Days - Into a coma 80 seconds.

Chronicles of Riddick - Another movie for repressed homosexual fans (and stupid fan-girls) of Vin to drool over for far too long.

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