GAY - HOMO GAY! (windycitylover) wrote in somethingweekly,

Sheriff and King Band Together to Put an End to Disco Music

(Middle East) Amman, Jordan - King Hussein of Jordan and a local Sheriff's Department official have recently banded together to put an end to the atrocity that is commonly known as "Disco music."

      Speaking at a National Press Conference Monday, on behalf of King Hussein, Marissa Khurma said "Under order of King Hussein from mandates given to him by a prophet, effective immediately, the raga will be dropped and that boogie sound will be banned." No other explanation as to the reasoning behind the King's decision has been given, but some Jordanian's have speculated that the King fears that disco music may be degenerating the faithful. Local Sheriff's department official Kahled Momed described the music as "not likeable," and said that he "simply did not like it," and would do anything to put a stop to it. Some locals have gone as far as to say that they "know he really hates it."

      Open protests and rebellion has sprung up around the country in response to this recent decision by the royalty. Jet fighters have been called out to quell the most violent of uprisings which have involved terrorists taking over some Muslim temples. Jet pilots have been ordered to drop bombs between the Minarets in order to destroy the temples and kill the maximum number of disco-obsessed terrorists.

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