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Something Weekly: Comes Out Monthly

[yeah, we like contradictions]

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This community is dedicated to the writings and types of writings that appear in Something Weekly, a monthly zine. Confused yet? Try not to be. Okay, if you post something in here, you are sort of submitting it for publication in Something Weekly, a monthly zine. Sometimes things that appear in it from other sources will be posted in this group.

If you wish to submit something specifically, tag the bottom of your post with "I'd like this to be looked at for submission" or something of that sort, and tell us whether you'd like your LiveJournal user name or your real name to appear as the author's name if it's published. If you request that we use your real name, simply e-mail us at somethingweekly@yahoo.com with your real name and your LJ user name and possibly the title of your post, so that we know which submission is yours.