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Former Bush Employee Makes New Accusations

      In another case of criticism of the handling of the September 11th, 2001 tragedy by a former Bush Administration Official, a former assistant to Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Arinus, has come forth with startling allegations about the administration's lack of attention to the warning signs.

      Arinus joins a long list of former employees that have come back to haunt the Bush Administration. Joining Richard Clark, Bob Woodward and Paul O'Neill, Arinus has made allegations that President Bush planned the Iraq war from day one, and ignored all warning signs about the impending September 11th, 2001 attacks. While he has no plans to release a book anytime soon, he has given copies, to the media, of memos which pertain to the above subject matter.

One particularly startling memo about the impending 9/11 attacks has a header which reads:
From: Osama Bin Laden
To: Leaders of the free world
Re: Terrorist attacks
Text: I'm going to blow you all up.

Another memo, regarding the Al-Qaida ties to Saddam Hussein reads:
From: George Tenet
To: George Bush
Re: Saddam
Text: Saddam is lying.

      Arinus claims that he passed these notes onto Condoleeza Rice and she simply left them on her desk. "Condi isn't very organized, or, at the very least, not as organized as a National Security Advisor should be," said Arinus. "Her in-box has out-box things and her out-box has in-box things. There was this one time tjat I gave her a note from Osama Bin Laden, and she placed it precariously on the edge of her desk, right near the garbage can! I said `Condi, you might want to move that, it's important.` She said to me `Tommy, not right now, I've never gotten this far,` and shrugged me off, asking me not to bother her for the rest of the day, then she went back to playing Minesweeper. Guess where I found the note the next day? In the trash can. I bet she never even read it."

      Condoleeza Rice, when asked about Mr. Arinus, said that he "performed his duty adequately, but was a general pain-in-the-ass, and a kiss-ass." "I hate brown-nosers," she said.

      In fairness to the Bush Administration, it should be pointed out that Mr. Arinus was fired by Ms. Rice for having "paranoid delusions" and "making up conspiracy theories."

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